Clean Up Task

Initializes the clean up task in the world. This task only works in the CleanUp world in the Dexterity package where there is a trash can in the middle of the map.

Trash will spawn randomly around the trash can when the task starts. A clean up task must be added to an agent for the task to start.

The reward is based on the number of pieces of trash placed in the trash can. For each piece of trash added to the can, a reward of 1 is given. For each piece of trash removed, a reward of -1 is given. If all the trash is in the can, terminal is given.

If UseTable is true a table will spawn next to the trash can, all trash will be on the table, and the trash can lid will be absent. This makes the task significantly easier. If false, all trash will spawn on the ground.


Each of the following parameters can be placed in the configuration field for a clean up task sensor (see scenario files.)

The configuration can also be set programmatically by calling start_task(). Do not call if the config file has a configuration block. That configuration will reset after every call to reset().


Int representing the amount of trash to spawn around the trash can.

"NumTrash": 6


Boolean value representing whether to use the simpler table task configuration.

"UseTable": false


    "NumTrash": 5,
    "UseTable": false