Viewport Hotkeys

When the viewport window is open, and the environment is being ticked (with calls to tick() or step(), there are a few hotkeys you can use.


The AgentFollower, or the camera that the viewport displays, can be manipulated as follows:

Key Action Description
c Toggle camera mode Toggles the camera from a chase camera and perspective camera, which shows what the agent’s camera sensor sees.
v Toggle spectator mode Toggles spectator mode, which allows you to free-cam around the world.
w a s d Move camera Move the viewport camera around when in spectator/free-cam mode.
q ctrl Descend For spectator/free-cam mode
e space Ascend For spectator/free-cam mode
shift Turbo Move faster when in spectator/free-cam
tab Cycle through agents When not in spectator/free-cam mode, cycles through the agents in the world
h Toggle HUD

The HUD displays the name and location of the agent the viewport is following, or the location of the camera if the viewport is detached (spectator mode)

Note that this will interfere with the ViewportCapture sensor

Opening Console

Pressing ~ will open Unreal Engine 4’s developer console, which has a few useful commands. See the Unreal Docs for a complete list of commands.

Useful Commands

  • stat fps

    Prints the frames per second on the screen.